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Light and Shadow

Global Mission Strategy Church of God Ministries

Throughout 2023, we are excited that the Lord is allowing us to partner and support the following global missions /strategies:


Global Strategy 

Our mission at Global Strategy is to walk alongside the local church globally, pursuing the development of healthy churches that are locally led and sustained, regionally connected, and missionally engaged so that the church can give life to communities around the world.

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Lifelong Impact Ministries

Lifelong Impact ministries was founded out of an extreme need to help underprivileged children in Lebanon get a chance for


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Life Changers Church

We exist to create a passionate commitment to Christ, His Cause, and His Church. We present Jesus without apology, creating epic moments that help people hear the Gospel. We invite people forward, inspiring their next step into God’s extraordinary purposes. We maximize all we have to see the lost come home.

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International Women & Children Wellness Center (IWCWC) Ethiopia

Our goal is to provide direct care, rescue women and children in crisis. The IWCWC will provide housing, standard education and a skill training center. In addition to their basic needs, the center will provide psychological, physical and spiritual interventions.

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City2Village (C2V)

Our Mission: 

Empower women, families, Africans and people of African descent, shifting the trajectory of life through innovative, culturally responsive mental health services and promoting overall emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing

through psychoeducation, supporting academic achievement, addressing food scarcity and advocating gender equity.

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