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Our purpose is to usher in an atmosphere that enables us to encourage the congregation to join in the praise & worship experience with us; Promote and execute the Word of God through music, dance and drama and other art forms that glorify our Savior; Ensure that each member is grounded in the Holy Scriptures and understand and are committed to live by the teachings of the ministry.

Bobette Jamison-Harrison

Minister of Music & Arts

Voices of Willow

Bobette Jamison-Harrison

A.F.T.E.R. God Youth Praise Team

"A Few Teens Experiencing a Real God"

Chenee Ostlund

Kidz R.O.C.K. Choir

"Kidz Reaching Out for Christ's Kingdom"

McKaylia Robinson

Spiritual Motions Praise Dancers

Tina Manning

God's Kids Praise Dancers

Drama Department

Canary Stephens

KIDS Rock Choir
Puppet Ministry
Music & Arts Department
Voices of Willow
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