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A Church Without the Holy Spirit!

by Dr. Larry Petton

Dr. Larry Petton expressed how the following chapter in David Platt's book, "Radical", entitled, "Beginning at the End of Ourselves -- The Importance of Relying on God's Power" (Subsection entitled - “Dependent on Ourselves or Desperate for His Spirit?”) convicted him as a Pastor.

Dr. Petton admits that he is a part of a system that has created a whole host of means and methods, plans and strategies for doing church that require little, if any, power from God. He continues, "I am frightened by the reality that the church I lead can carry on most of our activities never realizing that the Holy Spirit of God is virtually absent from the picture.”

Prayer: Father God, it is our laser focused request that Your Holy Spirit remain favorably active in every area our ministries (that includes all churches and ministries operating in Jesus' Name, not just Father God, may the Holy Spirt rest in and throughout our outreach/ evangelistic and missions' movements for Your glory. It is our prayer that no one perishes. May we remain eagerly waiting for His promptings now and in years to come. Amen


"Steadfast FAITH in Jesus"

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