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Happy Thursday!

May I begin this devotion, in saying not sure who this message may be for, but I am trusting the Lord that it will minister to the intended person or people. Amen.

David says in the psalms, “Where can I flee from your presence?” Nowhere. You will never be in a place where God isn’t.

Pastor Warren once stated; "If you’ve trusted Jesus, He’s with you in your heart". Glory!

From this day, may you dig in and start trusting God going forward. Remember HE is with you. His presence does not evaporate or disappear. HIS presence is always present.

If you are facing something do not rush in trying to fix it. Spend some time in prayer. If the circumstance demands your immediate attention, 'PRAY'!

Now let's flip it a bit! I have a major paper to write, rent is due, my refrigerator is lacking food and I need another text book for my class. Don't forget to PRAY! Or my family is depending on me for housing, food and medical needs. Don't forget to 'PRAY'!

Question: are you alone in a situation?

David was not only a sheep herder, but also an appointed king. As a youth, he fought a bear and a lion. As a king he fought enemies more than once. 1 Samuel 18:7 states; "So the women sang as they danced, and said: “Saul has slain his thousands, And David his ten thousands.” WOW!

Now you may not fight a bear, a lion or an army, however, like David you are facing some real stuff. Pray, stand, walk with God as you face your situations.

Take note, God was with David from a young age into his adulthood. Yet, David was prepared, equipped, available and vigilant. YES!

So, may I ask a question: "How can you get better acquainted with God"?

You conquered difficult circumstances throughout your life, including 2020. You have advanced, why go back when the Holy Spirit is moving you forward? Interesting!

Once more, I believe the Lord has place this simple devotion to encourage someone today to focus and remember that "I made it through". Pastor Marvin Sapp wrote a beautiful song (2012) after his wife transitioned into glory entitled; "My Testimony". This song still moves my heart. A section of the lyrics goes like this

"So glad I made it, I made it through

In spite of the storm and rain, heartache and pain

Still I'm declaring

That I made it through

See, I didn't lose

Experienced lost at a major cost

But I never lost faith in you

So if you see me cry,

It's just a sign that I'm

I'm still alive

I got some scars, but I'm still alive

In spite of calamity,

He still has a plan for me

And it's working for my good

And it's building my testimony

So glad I made it,

I made it through".

Praise God, you made it through and 'YOU ARE MAKING IT THROUGH'!

Romans 8:31(NKJV) says; "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

JESUS said; “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20 NIV). Keep standing because you're never really fully alone.

It you fall, stand back up. If you're extremely nervous about what you are facing, 'PRAY'.

P.S......if this message wasn't for you, totally pray for someone who is going through. THANK YOU!


"We're In This Together"

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