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Knock, Knock on Heaven's Door!

"Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him."  Acts 12:5

Dear Willow Street Church of God family and friends,

There are multitudes of heartfelt prayers, powerful statements, and declarations being released through the daily prayer calls.  Beloved, there's no better time to pray for our country to return and remain grounded as a nation under God.  Glory!  With joy, I would like to share with you that tonight, our ministers prayed for the end of COVID-19 and many other requests. 

As the world is fighting this unseen enemy, pray for the unsaved, hopeless, and rebellious spirits to discover God’s love and deliverance.  May we create a glorious sound in making God’s Holy Name ‘GREAT’ throughout our surrounding communities and in the world.  One way to carry this out is by simply sharing our social media links, Sunday Worship services, devotions, blogs and Bible studies with others.  We hope that the message of the gospel will reach someone’s heart and cause them to give their life to Jesus.  To be transformed by the Word of God. YES!  Beloved, rest assured that vast numbers of believers across the world are standing in faith that many turn to the Lord and His all-powerful Word. Amen!

So with abundant joy, as an act of faith, tomorrow, after our worship service anoint your door handles, your sofa, your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, restrooms, closets, and doors.  Pray to the Lord for His protection and covering as we process through this COVID-19 crisis.  Pray for the saved, unsaved and those that have rebelled against the Word of God.  Pray for our church family and friends.  We have the opportunity to share His message, His miracles, His love, and deliverance.  Therefore may we be found doing His bidding.  Amen.

Thank you for supporting our ministry during this time as we all are practicing ‘being still’.

God bless you richly,

Pastor Lloyd

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