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Hello Family,

Many of you have been unable to get a N95 mask or hand sanitizer due to unavailability. While a regular bandana or scarf may work for a common cold etc., it will not work for COVID-19. For Coronavirus you need a mask that will prevent small particles at 95% or greater, like the N95. Well, you can make your own using common household products such as Baby wipes, bras, or vacuum cleaner bags. Say What???? Yes, see the attached web sites. My favorite is the bra and vacuum bag, WOW! 

Youtube videos for masks:

***How to make the Safest Face Mask - Dr. Ryan Southworth using a vacuum filter bag

***How to make a N95 mask out of a BRA DIY- Rebecca Brand 3/9/2020

*****10Minute Face Mask from Sewing Room Channel 3/21/20

***JOANN fabrics launched a program that gives away free fabric, elastic and other essential materials so that customers can make facemasks at home to donate to hospitals. The company            even has a video tutorial on its website that shows the proper methods to assemble the masks.

Youtube videos for making your own hand sanitizers:

***3 Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes (Rubbing Alcohol alternatives) Timber and Tea.

We've searched high and low for hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, but haven't been able to find any. My husband suggested we just do our own homemade hand sanitizer, but then when we went out to buy the ingredients, the shelves were empty, so we were forced to think outside the box!

In order for sanitizer to be affective, it must have an alcohol content of a minimum of 60% alcohol content (World Health Organization recommends 75%). Keep this in mind when you're diluting your alcohol products down with water, moisturizers, etc.)

Don't forget that hand sanitizer is not a replacement for hand washing!!

Click here so you don't miss a video!


Recipe #1 (World Health Organization WHO-volumes adjusted for smaller use)

1 C Rubbing Alcohol (95%) -

1 TBS Hydrogen Peroxide -

1 TSP Glycerine -

1/3 C Water

Alternative #1

1 C Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)

1 TBS Hydrogen Peroxide

1 TSP Glycerine

Alternative #2

1 C Grain Alcohol

1/3 C Aloe Vera (preferable pure) -

~10 Drops Essential Oils (optional) (OR Vitamin E drops OR Tea Tree Oil)

Alternative #3

Make your own ethanol using an Air Still. Here is the we purchased:

Alcohol Hydrometer -

Graduated Cylinder -

***Also see The Rachael Ray show 3/13/20 with Dr Ryan Smith

Covid- 19 Question and Answers:

Many of you have asked about the use of NSAIDs during COVID-19. Well here are the facts:  

****NSAIDS are  Non-steroidal antiI- inflammatories including Advil, Alleve, Motrin, Ibuprofen or Naproxen. They are used for pain, fever, and inflammation. 

****However, due to their ani- inflammatory property they should not be used to treat symptoms during COVID-19 because they may actually reduce your immunity response. 

****NSAIDs may make it harder to fight off infection, so do not use Advil, Alleve, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naprosyn, or Naproxen for fever or pain at this time. 

****Instead use can use Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Panadol or products with these ingredients in them. 

****If you have allergies, liver disease or other reasons not to use Tylenol products consult your provider first. 

****Only use Tylenol products as directed and in doses recommended, and don't take multiple products at the same time with Tylenol ingredients in them (for example: Cold and flu products,        sinus multi-symptom products).  

NOTE: Please contact your personal healthcare provider prior to use of any products, WSCOG and Dr. Kynard are not prescribing any treatments for you.  


Dr. Andrea Kynard

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