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When the Church Service is Over, We are the Church

I once read; "A church that has a passion is a church where "Discouraged folks cheer up, dishonest folks moral up, sour folks sweeten up, closed folk open up, gossipers shut up, conflicted folks make up, sleeping folks wake up, lukewarm folk fire up, dry bones shakeup, and pew potatoes stand up! But most of all, Christ the Savior of the entire world is lifted up." YES!

But today we work with, live near, and rub shoulders with people who lack the revelation of God's truth, love and His Word that provides power to live abundantly. Also, for a lack of better words, there is a disdain for the church for various reasons, still, looking for the church to be the church. They aren’t religious, they have no church background, they don’t know what the bible says, and frankly, they don’t care - they really have no interest in spiritual things. Yet, more importantly, may your spirit become encouraged to remind ourselves that 'WE ARE THE CHURCH'! AMEN.

We are the folks that offer kindness and help to the helpless. We are the church that prays for situations that we are not living, but with compassion, we pray. We are the church. We are the church that after worship service, we approach each day with the joy of the Lord and to be open for His use. The beauty of our faith is that it delivers and transforms us to be reflectors of God's goodness.

So with excitement, may we "Be the church when the worship service is over".

Folks are struggling with mental challenges in large numbers, so let’s be the church that seeks to offer real help and comfort. In our authentic approach in God's calling do not be afraid or apprehensive in being the church. Matthew 16:18 encourages us with these words, "And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".

Be the church, after service is over!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for empowering me to live beyond the walls. Amen.


"We're ALL In"

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